International Forum

The 7th International Forum on the “FutureCity” Initiative

The International Forum on the “FutureCity” Initiative has been sharing leading examples of this Initiative, which have further facilitated regional vitalization. The theme of the 7th Forum is “Applying SDGs to The Invigoration of Localities - Analyzing 5-years of “FutureCity” Initiatives, and Focusing on Internationalization and Future Measures -”. The “FutureCity” Initiative aims to build a diverse model of self-sustaining cities and regions that utilize local resources to continuously create environmental, social and economic values. The Initiative has achieved steady results and promoted regional vitalization by sharing successful examples of its implementation. The objective of this Forum is to discuss the basic approach to promoting initiatives for realizing local government SDGs in regional vitalization, based on the existing results of the “FutureCity” initiatives and from the perspective of how to implement these initiatives in Japan and via international collaboration.

Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 9:30〜17:30
Venue: Kashiwa City, Chiba Pref.(Kashiwa-No-Ha Conference Center)

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwa-no-ha 2FL, Hotel & Residences Building 2FL, 178-4 Wakashiba, KashiwaCity, Chiba, 277-0871, Japan
Organizers: Cabinet Office,Government of Japan/Promotion Council for the “FutureCity” Initiative

  • Poster of "FutureCity” [PDF]
  • Poster of "EcoModelCity" [PDF]
  • 1.Opening Remarks

  • 2.Keynote Lecture

  • 3. Session I

  • 4.Guided Poster Tour

  • 5.Session II

  • 6.Session III