International Forum

The 6th International Forum on the “FutureCity” Initiative

Creating “FutureCities” to Invigorate Localities: Universally Appealing Communities

The 6th International Forum on the “FutureCity” Initiateve was held on August 30, 2016.
The aim of the invigoration of localities is to halt the decline in the birthrate and the aging of the population, conquer the depopulation of regional areas and the shrinking of regional economies, and secure long-term growth potential into the future.
As populations decline and society ages, what concrete actions should we take to build sustainable communities in which everyone can lead rich, comfortable, and healthy lives? At the Forum, we discussed this question from a variety of perspectives, looking at the examples of overseas cities, as well as advanced case studies of Japanese cities that have been implementing the “FutureCity” Initiative.

Date Tuesday, 30th August, 2016 9:30-17:45
Venue PACIFICO Yokohama, City of Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Organizer Cabinet Office, Government of Japan;
Promotion Council for the “FutureCity” Initiative

  • Poster of "FutureCity” [PDF]
  • Poster of "EcoModelCity" [PDF]
  • 1.Opening Remarks

  • 2.Keynote Lecture

  • 3.Plenary Session

  • 4.Break-out Sessions 1.

  • 5.Break-out Sessions 2.

  • 6.Break-out Sessions 3.

  • 7.Break-out Sessions 4.

  • 8.Concluding Session