Challenge to the "Future ECO city Amagasaki "

Prospering as a strategic point of transit and transportation since long ago, the accumulation of industry and urban functions in the compact city limits is the major strength of Amagasaki City.
Despite the compact city limits, against the large enterprises and small and medium-sized companies with state-of-the-art technology located in the waterfront industrial area, inland, the shopping districts of downtown remain, and in the north, natural forests and rural landscapes, and quiet residential areas are spread. In apartments in front of the station, commercial premises have formed.
In the past, we experienced serious air and water pollution, but that has been overcome due to the efforts of residents, industry, and the government. Against the backdrop of greater environmental awareness and the connections between residents, business, academia and the government that resulted from that process of overcoming the pollution, our aim is to become "ECO Future City Amagasaki."


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