The realization of "Cool-city Sakai", a low-carbon city with sustained "comfortable living", "bustle of the city"

"Transformation of industrial structure" that achieves a balance between environmental protection and economic growth in promotion of efficient energy use for businesses, and support for the creation of environmental-related industries. "Transformation of urban structure" that encourages the formation of a low-carbon city by endeavors to be environmentally conscious in opportunities such as aiming for conversion of from car-centered transportation to a public transport and bicycle-centered transportation system, and updated land use etc. "Eco-Culture Creation," where citizens and business operators contribute autonomously to low-carbon city development, by promoting peace of mind and stable energy use, and building mechanisms and human resource development so that environmental initiatives are voluntarily promoted. In these three basic perspectives of building a low-carbon city, we can work with one another, creating a synergistic effect, to achieve "Cool City Sakai" that continues sustainable development.


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