With people coming and going, there is vitality and warmth
- Eco-Model City Minamata -

Minamata City experienced the Minamata Disease that occurred during the course of economic growth, and based on the lessons learned, in 1992 carried out Japan's first "Declaration toward Eco-Model City development." Since then, along with the work on immediate advanced sorting and recycling of garbage in Japan, we launched the Minamata-original domestic and school versions of environmental ISO system, and the environmental Meister system, and have been working with the cooperation of citizens in prevention of global warming and environmental protection activities by reusing, recycling, energy and resource conservation, and citizen's reforestation. The efforts of this city, by the diverse and specific actions unique to a small municipality, that have become integral in a region that does not require a great deal of money, have used the past models of a large number of local governments and environmental NPO's at home and abroad.


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