Under the slogan DO YOU KYOTO? (are you doing good things for the environment?) let's spread eco-friendly activities from Kyoto to the world!

Nurtured by over 1200 years of long, multifaceted history, Kyoto City has the beautiful scenery of nature and a peaceful urban landscape and is a traditional city where inherited and polished traditional culture still exists, which is rare worldwide. The City is also a modern metropolis home to 1.47 million people, and is an international cultural and tourist city where about 50 million tourists visit annually. Furthermore, it is also a "City that Creates the Future" with its progressive spirit and creative mind to constantly challenging new things while maintaining its tradition.
By taking advantage of its characteristics and the 3rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP3), which was held in December, 1997, Kyoto City, as the birthplace of Kyoto Protocol, has promoted advanced countermeasures for global warming to aim to become a sustainable low-carbon society under the spirit of partnership backed by the history of autonomy and with the cooperation of the citizens, business operators, and government.


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