"Countryside type environment city, Niigata"
〜Circulating Rich value nurtured by region 〜

"With the blessed condition of having broad countryside in the immediate vicinity of the city, and places of relief for food, culture, energy and greenery, a sustainable city where everyone can enjoy both the city and countryside."
This is the image of the ideal Niigata City.
For this realization, under the 4 initiatives of "Conservation of and sustainable use of rural environment," "Development of smart energy city," "Transformation to low-carbon transportation" and "Transformation to low-carbon lifestyle," we implement a variety of initiatives that capture the characteristics of Niigata City, such as promotion of environmental conservation agriculture, abundant use of agricultural biomass, formation of a New Food Valley, promotion of exchanges between urban and rural areas, and the conservation of biological diversity in the nature-rich city limits, to aim for development with harmony between the countryside and the city.


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Informations Of Niigata City