Aiming for the "Standards of Tomorrow", eco-advanced city, Toyota

Toyota City, a "manufacturing city" focused on the automotive industry, also having vast forestry, is a city that also combines the character of rural areas. As an "eco-model city," the City, in featuring the 3 areas of "transport," "industry" and "forests," in addition to supporting the "residential" lives of its citizens, also has an "urban center" as a place of collecting and transmitting information on leading eco-technology, developing a variety of business.
The concept of the approach is "The Standards of Tomorrow, Today." To be implemented in the near future, quickly incorporating technology spread both domestically and abroad, we aim to provide eco-friendly, comfortable lifestyles.
From 2011, to both local business and organizations, in addition to working to build a demonstration of a smart community, in 2012 it received designation as a Comprehensive Special Zone for Regional Revitalization, and is working towards regional activation through new industrial development in the environmental and energy fields.


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