Chiyoda, the city where everyone protects the irreplaceable Earth environment

Chiyoda City is a center for politics and economics, and integrates advanced business functions. The City has an area of 11.66 sq. kilometers, and against a population of 58,000 residents, the daytime population has reached roughly 14 times that, at 820,000 people.
Chiyoda City has a 3-pillars initiatives policy towards low-carbon urban development. The first is the "promotion of high-level energy saving measures in buildings," deploying a commitment corresponding to each building in the ward. The second, "Two-dimensional measures leveraging opportunities and places for community planning," promotes efficient and effective measures against global warming, by employing two-dimensional approaches such as city-block units. The third pillar, "promoting regional collaboration," promotes each entity, such as business people, residents, educational institutions and government working in conjunction. From these initiatives we can make the transition to a low-carbon society.


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Informations Of Chiyoda City