Kitakyushu FutureCity

With the experience of overcoming pollution, global environmental cooperation, technology of art and crafts, and early approaches to the super-aging society, this project is based on smart community businesses and network industries that connect people's lives. The project will promote the importance and the use of the collaboration of citizen, company and the government and the connections in the local area. As for environmental issues, it aims to be connected with rest of the world with the environment as a key, such as the deployment of wind-power generation in other Asian countries by utilizing port infrastructure and extensive industrial sites and international water business in collaboration with the public and private-sectors.
Toward the super-aging society, it implements a promotion of health maintenance by the local cooperation and citizen-centered wellness promotion. Besides that the reconstruction support service in Kamaishi City, which utilizes the result from the smart community businesses included in the project.


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Informations Of Kitakyushu City