We aim for "high-quality countryside" that shares the finite blessings nature with loved ones.

We have been exploring the survival of the village through regional activation centered on the forest, which accounts for 95% of the area of the village. In 2009, the "100 years of forest operation" began, with the cooperation of all three of, the townspeople, public office and forestry unions. Through the expansion of hydroelectric power generation using water resources born from the rich forest, and the use of forest biomass, we aim for regional development with a self-sufficiency rate of 100% via renewable energy. Through the conservation of the forest, which accounts for 95% of the area of the village, we will expand regional development that can be widely understood by the public, of the ways of a low-carbon society in the hilly and mountainous regions of Japan, to build interconnections with the city and exchanges with overseas while making use of the forest resources.


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