Agriculture and forestry town initiative that utilize the geothermal and biomass
? - towards a zero carbon town -

Increased CO2 absorption and a fixed amount, with proper management and effective use of the forest, which accounts for about 78% of the area of Oguni Town. In addition, build a heat supply system utilizing the geothermal resources in the Tsuetate and Waita hot springs. Create the following three models in order to implement these:
(1) Regional energy generation model
Make the most of geothermal and biomass energies, and utilize cascade energy.
(2) Low-carbon agriculture and forestry activation model
Spread funding for forest management that Oguni Town created using J-credit, and carbon neutral wood, to urban areas as low carbon housing.
(3) Community-use-type CO2 reduction model
To implement low-carbon activities with community participation, implement environmental activities in the whole region, such as children's environmental education.
We implement these, and aim for a "zero-carbon city" offset by the absorption of CO2 emissions by forests etc.


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