Ikoma, Japan's most friendly and livable city
- Low-carbon "circulation" type city with the "collaborative creation" of citizens, business and government -

With the involvement and cooperation of various entities as a basis, as a metropolitan suburban residential city, we propose a model that a residential city should aim for from now. Aiming for multi-functional and compact urban functions with a focus on re-design of the urban structure, we propose the building of resource recycling and energy self-sufficiency systems, accelerated promotion of solar power generation systems, and considering the introduction of new community services that make use of ICT, as measures in response to ultra-aging which are unavoidable as a residential city. In addition, in the context of high citizen power, which is unique to a residential city, promoting efforts with "circulation" and "collaborative creation" as key-words can be cited as a feature.


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Informations Of Ikoma City