Tsukuba Environmental Style "SMILe"
〜become smile by the technology and wisdom of everyone〜

Tsukuba City, as an academic city of research, and home to about 1/3 of our country's research institutes, makes various demonstration tests, including mobility robot transport within the City. There is also the aspect of a rich garden city that is representative of Tsukuba that indicates its presence in the vast Kanto Plain. In addition, there are features such as a high dependency on automobiles in construction activities and means of movement, generated by the Tsukuba Express railroad development. For these aspects, citizens, companies, universities and research institutes, government come together to work in all Tsukuba to focus on CO2 emissions due to the lives of people (in particular, construction activity and movement) and show the "Tsukuba environment style 'SMILe' " model, where everyone aims to realize a "SMILe" city with low-carbon.


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