Achieve a low-carbon community utilized the of local resources (Forest, public transportation, renewable energy, etc.)"Mitake"

For forest regeneration, at the same time as establishing a model of sustainable forest management via a forest management trust system for continuously performing forest maintenance that becomes a CO2 sink, by nurturing the forests, enhanced water retention and forestry conservation functions, we aim to demonstrate secondary functions such as diversification of organisms. Next, in order to regenerate public transportation, together with carrying out the maintenance and promoting the utilization of the usage environment, we promote the introduction of next-generation vehicles. In homes and offices, we promote creating systems that independently tackle the reduction of CO2 emissions, and aim for recycling-town development by further suppression of waste. In addition, with the introduction of renewable energy to public facilities, achieve strong low-carbon town development for disasters. Further, we carry out environmental education and human resource development of elementary and junior high schools and the community, to form a common basis for eco-model city promotion.


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