Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake
- Renewal of Higashimatsushima, Towards the future together without forgetting that day -

Higashimatsushima is a commuter town located between Sendai City and Ishimaki City, which are two large commercial areas in Miyagi Prefecture. Higashimatsushima aims for sustainable growth potential and a safe city with the Higashimatsushima Reconstruction Plan as the foundation. As for the environment, the plan features the construction of independently distributed recyclable energy, which focuses on biomass and solar power; buildings with less carbon; and familiarization of the EV. As for the super-aging society, promotions of housing with health care services utilizing the CASBEE health checklist, support using a multimedia terminal, and promotions of medical services are listed as special features.


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Informations Of Higashimatsushima City